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Machen Chapman Law is committed to providing services that deal with these uncomfortable topics in a compassionate and proactive way. We aim to understand the full extent of your needs, family dynamics, future plans, and any potential roadblocks that may occur along the way. Allow us to help you ensure that you can focus on these needs without worrying about finances and the future. Early estate planning is key to ensuring financial security and peace of mind. At Machen Chapman Law, our team Will conduct a thorough review of your current situation, including your assets, family dynamics, businesses, charitable giving plans, debts, and obligations. Machen Chapman Law strives to make estate planning simple, approachable, and empowering for our clients.

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Navigating Government Benefits

About 26% of all Medicaid enrollees are elderly or disabled, and 5 in 7 nursing home residents in the state of Georgia are covered by Medicaid.

Plan Early for Long-Term Care

Around 52% of people turning age 65 Will need some form of long-term care during their lifetime. Planning early can help you avoid the high cost of this type of necessary care.

Special Needs Trusts for Disabled Family Member

Whether you are personally disabled and need assistance or you are the main caregiver for a disabled individual, or you are leaving part of your estate to a disabled beneficiary, a proactive approach to these issues Will save heartache and stress down the line. Plan today to prevent losing valuable and necessary government benefits.

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